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Style with the utmost sophisticated trendy and eye-catching looks! All this is possible without worrying about weak or short hair, or by stressing it with aggressive chemical products or any type of glue. Learn more »

Conditioning & Treatment

Whether you are experiencing an increased thinning or hair loss, or you are tired of fighting an increasing dry or oily scalp, or are need a Colour Repair, Mazary is here to help! Learn more »

Hair Extensions & Integration

There are many brands and various types of products in the domain of Hair Extensions - Integration, and Mazary masters all of them and applies them upon request. Learn more »
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Exalting one’s natural beauty promotes self-confidence and delivers a positive, lasting truth which in turn has the power to inspire others. Feeling good about your appearance is Mazary's specialty and looking great, its reputation!

Miriam believes that Mazary's guests’ 100% satisfaction, and their great looks are the ultimate goal, reputation, and the constant consecration of near 3 decades of expertise. Learn more »


Miriam E. Azary”, who is a well renowned and experienced cosmetologist, as well as a certified master colourist and fashion hair extensions – integration trainer.


Our staff possess the highest level of professionalism, innovative capacities and qualities.



"Mazary Hair & Extensions Studio" is the Texas / Dallas-Ft. Worth's Top 10 awarded Hair & Beauty specialist. It has been founded by "Miriam E. Azary", who is a well renowned and experienced cosmetologist, as well as a certified master colourist and fashion hair extensions - integration trainer.

With about thirty years of expertise, “Miriam E. Azary” will tell you that she is “truly living her dream and that she loves the fact that she can transform people by just the flick of a comb!”
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J.Donovan 8/20/2006
I used to go to Miriam when she was at Maquillage Salon in Irving. I was so happy to find her again and to see that she has established her own business and has 2 locations!
L. Howard 9/9/2006
I have the best hair stylist! I have been going to Miriam for at least ten years, after working with several of the so-called top stylists and colorists. I have never enjoyed so many compliments, both on my color and cut. She is a superb colorist, carefully selecting the shading that is most complimentary to one's complexion. As a blond, I can attest that she never lets my hair go ashy - a common complaint - and always makes sure that the color is that wonderful blend one sees in a child's hair. Her styling is equally great. taking into account my lifestyle, my fashion likes and dislikes and everything else which makes for a great cut. She's also very friendly and a real sweetheart.


Mazary is always looking for potential employment aspirants, that would like to serve as an experienced and trusted upscale hair & beauty service provider. These candidates must be licensed, by the "Texas State Board of Cosmetology", and ready to undergo the Mazary's special training for a better evaluation and a possible employment offer.


equal employment opportunities

Mazary is an equal opportunity employer for licensed hair & beauty candidates.

3 decades of experience

Mazary provides the necessary training to Texas Cosmetology licensed stylists or salon owners who would like to master the art of Hair Integration and Special Colour Formulation.

modeling opportunities

Mazary also offers modeling opportunities for its shows and events to non professional aspirants.

Take Liberty of Unlimited and Lasting Beauty Impression!