Take Liberty of Unlimited and Lasting Beauty Impression!

Miriam-Azary-FounderWith about thirty years of expertise, “Miriam E. Azary” will tell you that she is “truly living her dream and that she loves the fact that she can transform people by just the flick of a comb!”

Specializing in a vast assortment of hair & beauty techniques, Miriam is no stranger to the worldwide fashions and demands. She comes from a creative-artistic and a highly educated background of both European and US influence and withholds several certifications, as well as, prestigious awards, for her hair design and color, definitely recognized as one of Texas finest beauticians with certifications in personal and unique color mixture, European natural hair fusion, non-damage thermal relaxers, and familiar with all hair types such as fine, coarse, resistant, and normal.

Many qualify her as “the chemist” due to her constant innovation, in custom hair coloration & special formulation, and other name her as “master weaver” for the extraordinary hair fusion service that she accomplishes.

MazaryGroupMiriam participates regularly in domestic and foreign shows & workshops in order to keep up with the latest trends and to form new Mazary talents. She’s proud to be called upon when professional model make-overs arise for model shows, yet just as passionate about her work when it comes to her grandson and granddaughters with a simple trim. As a mother of three, she understands and relates to the fine balance of family and business.

Miriam strives to establish an honest, trustworthy friendship between herself and her clients.

For Mazary’s founder, being a beautician is an art, and as an award winning creative painter-crafter herself, she pursues and welcomes new challenges and will not be satisfied unless her client is satisfied. In that line, the house’s staff undergoes a rigorous detailed training, in order to meet Mazary’s high quality standards and the personalized way of treating each of its valued client based on its hair & beauty needs and aspirations.