Hair Extensions & Integration

Fusion-3Style with the utmost sophisticated trendy and eye-catching looks! All this is possible without worrying about  weak or short hair, or by stressing it with aggressive chemical products or any type of glue.

Mazary is a leader in the domain of Hair Extensions – Integration. Its certified founder, who is also a renowned awarded professional master trainer, and its experienced staff master all the related Hair Extensions and Hair Integration techniques.

THE specialist, considered as THE expertise element of the North Texas area, has been the subject of many programs by prime media, looking to analyze the expansion of the trend in the region.

If placed by a professional, the benefits of Artistic talents, Hair Extensions – Integration can include making you look and feel younger and beautiful. Invisible bonds, with instant natural looking high grade, long and luscious natural hair that you can comfortably wear on a regular basis, sleep with, wash** and care for it like your own hair.

1331_dhcv40Along with Mazary’s knowledge and state-of-the-art application that will perfectly blend with your existing hair, you will also receive a cut and style to fit your look. The results will provide that long lasting ‘natural’ appearance with the effect of a thicker, fuller head of hair with more volume and with maximum durability, in any temperature and for any leisure activity.
Even if your own hair is sparse, a glorious mane of beautiful hair is not an impossible dream. In many cases, Hair Extensions – Integration is the perfect way to achieve your dream hair without waiting years for it to grow. It is suggested for: women with thin or thinning hair; women who want to make their hair trendy and eye-catching; women who are growing out their own hair and who would like to encourage its growth; women who want to enhance the natural beauty of their hair and make it even thicker or longer; men with bald patches or baldness on the crown of their heads.

Your family members and friends will be amazed at the awesome transformation created in just a few hours, that can last for up to 6 months*.
Pricing on Hair Extensions – Mazary provides the best quality service with the fairest price available in the domain of Hair Extensions – Integration.  Integration varies from client to client, depending on the aspirant’s hair conditions, its length, its thickness, and the quality desired to achieve in hair integration service. The shorter or thicker the aspirant’s natural hair is, the more hair that is necessary to achieve a free flowing look, that is blended well enough with ones own hair to look natural. In that line,

The Hair Extensions – Integration cost will be determined mainly by:

  1.  The current hair thickness, length, texture and color.
  2. The desired finished thickness, length, color and style.
  3. The brand and technique used to reach the beauty aspiration.

AFusion-6spirants can expect a price of $350 and up to thicken only, $500 and up to add several inches of length (up to 22 inches) and thickness, and $950.00 and up for full Fill-In.

During your free consultation, you will learn about all types of Hair Extensions – Integration programs and their differences in the way they are prepared, the technique used to attach them to your own hair, and what kind of program will best to suit your need. You will be also advised about the necessary hair care products** and follow up maintenance programs that will extend the longevity of your beauty investment and help to keep your beautiful new look. Mazary uses prestigious and trusted suppliers such as Balmain – Paris, So.Cap, and  Lacefront. Such renowned companies are provide top quality glue-less products that are made from 100% human hair (no superficial cuticle) combed in the same direction as the hair growth, virgin and not chemically processed, or for some, bleached and dyed following skillful artisan formulas. In addition, Mazary proceeds to its own rigorous inspection of the products in order to make sure that they meet the house’s high quality standards.