Hair Treatment and Colour Repair

Rene2Mazary Hair Studio is your designated Hair Treatment and Colour Repair specialist, rich with 3 decades of knowledge and expertise. A solution is available for any type of needed treatment or correction, in order to give back your damaged hair its health and radiance.

In addition to providing the best products from the best brands, such as the from referential Phyto or Rene Furterer brands and the famous Tanagra; Mazary Staff members have also undergone extensive training, in order to make the proper diagnosis and determine the needed application. Indeed, a non medical solution may always be suggested, whether you are experiencing an increased thinning or hair loss, or you are tired of fighting an increasing dry or oily scalp, or are needing a Colour Repair, or want to get rid of embarrassing and annoying dandruff.

Rene3Mazary is a leader in the application of Keratin Nanotechnology, which has been developed to treat any type of hair, especially hair that has undergone chemical processing as well as hair undergoing constant brushing. Indeed, Nanotechnology is the most modern and efficient way to recover hair strands, especially in the case of brittle hair that has undergone chemical processing or maintains excessive contact with chemical products. It reaches areas of the hair that traditional products are unable to repair.

Also, a variety of specific personalized treatments and related products are provided, in order to overcome some of the bad effects of environmental stress such as UV and smog, moisture-robbing heat styling, depleting chemical services, and shampoos with stripping sulfates. Our famous French Phyto or Rene Furterer brands help cleanse, moisturize, repair, nourish, and protect the very structure of your hair.  The key to such performances is the use of a selection of nutritive natural essential oils and plant extracts, which are ammonia-free and sulfate-free. Used in a regular regimen, they help regenerate and restore your hair to its natural beauty, shine, and health.

Rene1In addition, some special colour protectant application, such as the Tanagra FIX, which prolongs the colouring of your hair by protecting it from the everyday elements that degrade the depth and shine; or the very nutritive and sensual smelling Brazilian “Chocolate Nanokeratin,” are available in order to make your hair much more attractive for that important date or cozy night ahead!

A free consultation is offered prior to any requested treatment, in order to have a detailed evaluation of your hair condition and to address any of your related concerns.