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What do our Customers saying about us?

  • Miracle worker!! After having a 'loose curls' perm disaster at Fantastic Sam's that resulted in half of my medium length hair kinked and frizzy and the other half board straight, the stylist who messed up the perm then proceeded to hack off parts of the straight hair and managed to break off chunks of the frizzed. I was pretty distressed when I called Mariam that evening. She was able to schedule an appointment the very next morning (and I called around 6 pm the day of the perm). When I arrived for my appointment, Mariam was very encouraging about what she could do for my hair, making me feel better than I had since having the rods pulled out of my hair the day before. She was able to get the perm out and correct some of the damage done to my hair. She then proceeded to give me a cut and style that looks like it came out of a magazine! Seriously, my hair has not looked this good in years, and I had entered her salon just hoping that she would be able to do something so I didn't have to wear a baseball cap for the next six months! Mariam's talent is amazing. Her prices are extremely reasonable, particularly when considering the time and attention she gives to her customers to ensure satisfaction. I am so glad that I found her and you can bet that I'll be going back to her as long as I'm in the DFW area. Thanks Mariam!!
    C. Fairley //
  • I said: My Highlights Angel! In my opinion, the best colorist in the city is Miriam at Mazary. I used to go to Miriam when she was at Maquillage Salon in Irving. I was so happy to find her again and to see that she has established her own business and has 2 locations! No matter, where she goes.. I won't loose her this time and I know I have the choice of where to see her! When she does my highlights, she makes sure to only lighten the roots of the strands she worked on last time. With other colorists, the highlights would look good the first time but then after the second or third time, my entire head would be solid blonde. I also don’t have to get my highlights done as often, because my natural color still exists in between the strands she lightens. Miriam is my angel !!
    J. Donovan //
  • I have the best hair stylist! I have been going to Mariam for at least ten years, after working with several of the so-called top stylists and colorists. I have never enjoyed so many compliments, both on my color and cut. She is a supberb colorist, carefully selecting the shading that is most complimentary to onea's complexion. As a blond, I can attest that she never lets my hair go ashy - a common complaint - and always makes sure that the color is that wonderful blend one sees in a child's hair. Her styling is equally great. taking into account my lifestyle, my fashion likes and dislikes and everything else which makes for a great cut. She's also very friendly and a real sweatheart.
    L. Howard //
  • I love my hair! Mariam did such a great job on my hair, I am very pleased. The atmosphere is fantasic an everyone there knows how to make you very comfortable. I have decided that she is going to be the only person I got to for now on. I have recieved numerous compliments on my hair so far and I love it!!! I would recommend her to evryone!!!
    J. Ruyle //
  • Trendy styles! I recently had a makeover done at Mazary and was very pleased with the results. I cut off about 7 inches and went back to my natural color with some highlights. I have never been happier with my hair. I'm getting tens of compliments on it. Thanks to my dear Jenna for having recomended this salon and thanks to Miriam, Megan and everybody else at Mazary. You are all GREAT!
    A. B. Walker //